Jade Dynasty 2

Based on the hit novel, this second season promises more political intrigue and cultivation action.

Novoland Pearl Eclipse

A love story between a prince and his bodyguard entangled in palace politics and celestial secrets.

Legend of Fei

A female warrior seeks revenge and clashes with powerful clans in a turbulent world.

Love Between Fairy and Devil

A playful fairy accidentally awakens a powerful demon lord, leading to a hilarious and heartwarming romance.


A tomb raider uncovers a conspiracy involving ancient dynasties and supernatural forces.

Sword Dynasty 2

The sequel to the popular wuxia drama returns with more swordplay and martial arts action.

Tian Yu Ji

Based on a popular web novel, this drama follows a young man's journey to become a powerful cultivator.

Bai Hua Chuan

A love story between a demon hunter and a fox spirit with a twist of fate and reincarnation.