Toby Jones and David Morrissey Join ITV’s Yorkshire Ripper Drama 2023

In an exciting development, renowned actors Toby Jones and David Morrissey have officially joined the cast of ITV’s upcoming Yorkshire Ripper drama, helmed by accomplished writer George Kay. Set to premiere next month, “The Long Shadow” promises to deliver the quintessential portrayal of the relentless five-year pursuit of the notorious serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, more famously known as the Yorkshire Ripper. With its stellar ensemble cast, gripping storyline, and top-tier production team, this series is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Toby Jones and David Morrissey

Toby Jones and David Morrissey Join ITV's Yorkshire Ripper Drama 2023
Toby Jones and David Morrissey Join ITV’s Yorkshire Ripper Drama 2023

Toby Jones as DCS Dennis Hoban and David Morrissey as DCS George Oldfield

Toby Jones, a seasoned actor known for his remarkable versatility, will be taking on the role of DCS Dennis Hoban. DCS Hoban was at the forefront of the initial inquiry into the Yorkshire Ripper case. On the other hand, David Morrissey, already acclaimed for his portrayal of a policeman in the BBC’s “Sherwood,” will be portraying DCS George Oldfield. DCS Oldfield is renowned for his pivotal involvement in taking on the investigation that would become a historic pursuit of justice.

An Impressive Cast and Production Team

The series boasts an impressive ensemble of talent, with Lee Ingleby stepping into the shoes of DCS Jim Hobson. Additionally, Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of Emily Jackson, Daniel Mays as Sydney Jackson, and Shaun Thomas as Neil Jackson all contribute to the series’ exceptional character dynamics. The show is produced by the renowned Des outfit New Pictures and skillfully directed by Lewis Arnold. Having been first announced three years ago, the series is set to make its much-anticipated debut next month, gracing screens across the U.S. and Canada through Sundance Now.

Exploring a Dark Chapter in British History

Peter Sutcliffe, also known as the Yorkshire Ripper, remains one of the most infamous serial killers in the United Kingdom’s history. His conviction for the brutal murders of thirteen women and the attempted murder of seven others between 1975 and 1980 sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Sutcliffe’s life came to an end in 2020 while he was serving his sentence in prison. The upcoming series, with its powerful scripts penned by George Kay and skillful direction by Lewis Arnold, promises to bring sensitivity and brilliance to the portrayal of this dark chapter in British history.

Lynne Ramsay to Receive Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award

The renowned Sarajevo Film Festival will present Lynne Ramsay with the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award in recognition of her distinguished career. This distinguished recognition will be presented to Ramsay on August 16 during the festival’s 29th edition. The award ceremony will take place at Sarajevo’s enchanting open-air cinema and will be followed by a gala screening of Ramsay’s 2017 thriller “You Were Never Really Here,” starring the talented Joaquin Phoenix.

Recognition for “You Were Never Really Here”

Based on Jonathan Ames’ acclaimed book, “You Were Never Really Here” garnered immense acclaim upon its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Ramsay’s exceptional screenplay earned her the award for Best Screenplay, while Joaquin Phoenix’s outstanding performance secured him the Best Actor award. The Sarajevo Film Festival’s 29th edition is set to run from August 11 to 18, providing an enriching platform for the celebration of cinematic excellence.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s Expanded Partnership with J:COM

In an ambitious move, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has expanded its joint venture with Japanese cable operator J:COM. This strategic expansion transforms the existing two-network collaboration into a comprehensive seven-channel linear TV portfolio. The newly formed partnership integrates a range of channels, including Discovery, Animal Planet, Mondo, Tabi, Cartoon Network, Movie+, and LalaTV, consolidating them under a unified operation.

A Multifaceted Collaboration

The seven-channel portfolio will be distributed to independent cable and DTH providers in Japan by J:COM. Notably, both Discovery and Animal Planet will incorporate thematically relevant movies into their schedules for the first time, enriching their programming offerings. James Gibbons, President & MD, Western Pacific, WBD, emphasized that this expansion opens doors to further collaboration, encompassing content for SVoD platforms and opportunities for local co-production.

BBC Studios’ Innovative Partnership with Pinterest

BBC Studios has initiated a creative partnership with the online community platform Pinterest, aiming to discover and nurture the next generation of factual entertainment talent. This forward-thinking collaboration includes the commissioning of two shortform series and tailored training and development for a pair of emerging creatives.

Empowering Emerging Talent

Under this initiative, Emma Downer and Seun Ogunsola have been commissioned to create captivating shows. Emma Downer’s series revolves around crafting an outdoor kitchen using a blend of reclaimed and new materials. Seun Ogunsola’s project focuses on guiding viewers through the process of creating an affordable capsule wardrobe using upcycled clothing pieces. Both creators received training and support through BBC Studios’ TalentWorks initiative.

Embracing Online Communities

Emma Downer and Seun Ogunsola’s presence on Pinterest aligns perfectly with BBC Studios’ efforts to engage with online communities. Recognizing Pinterest as an excellent platform for unearthing fresh factual entertainment talent, Katrina Bell, TalentWorks Senior Development Producer, emphasized the platform’s role in fostering creativity and discovering promising creators.

In conclusion, the entertainment landscape is abuzz with captivating developments, from the star-studded cast of “The Long Shadow” shedding light on a gripping chapter in history, to Lynne Ramsay’s prestigious recognition at the Sarajevo Film Festival. Warner Bros. Discovery’s expanded collaboration and BBC Studios’ innovative partnership both promise to reshape the industry’s future. These remarkable strides underscore the continuous evolution of the entertainment industry and its unwavering commitment to storytelling excellence.

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