The Hidden Perspective Of Restricted View Tickets

The Weeknd is set to perform at Wembley Stadium, but some fans are facing obstacles to enjoying the show. Rosalie Streenstra, who attended the Amsterdam concert, found her view obstructed by a large inflatable moon used in the production. Despite having a “restricted view” seat, Rosalie wasn’t prepared for such a significant obstruction, as her previous concert experiences, such as Beyoncé’s performance, had offered unobstructed views.

The Hidden Perspective Of Restricted View Tickets

These restricted view seats are clearly marked by Ticketmaster, and the company sells them as some fans don’t mind the partial view and want to experience the concert nonetheless. These tickets are more affordable, with the cheapest available being €50 (£43). Rosalie doesn’t regret her purchase, as she felt the concert’s atmosphere compensated for the limited view.

This issue of obstructed views has been a topic of discussion among music fans. In the US, there were mixed reactions when “listening-only” tickets were offered for some Beyoncé shows, with seats labeled as having “no view” or “no stage view.”

Liliana Cooper, who also faced an obstructed view, found value in her restricted ticket. She had previously spent almost £300 for a better seat to see The Weeknd perform. She appreciated being able to see behind the scenes and details that were hidden from others.

Liliana noted that these restricted view tickets can be a great option for fans who can’t afford pricier tickets, given the increasing costs of attending concerts. High-priced tickets have become common for popular artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

However, some fans have criticized the prices of restricted view tickets, particularly for artists like Taylor and Beyoncé, whose tours are expected to be top grossers. Lily Redman, who got tickets for Taylor’s shows, was disappointed to find that her Wembley seats, priced the same as unobstructed seats in Cardiff, would have a compromised view. She felt the rising ticket prices were making concerts inaccessible for many fans.

Lily expressed that concertgoers come to experience the entire show, from the artist to the production, rather than watching screens. She believes that these fans deserve better value for their money and shouldn’t have to compromise on their concert experience.

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