SummerSlam Showdown: Reigns vs. Uso – A Tale of Betrayal and Triumph

At SummerSlam, the tension reached its peak as Jey Uso aimed to claim the titles, the mantle of “Tribal Chief,” and the accompanying responsibilities. However, his brother Jimmy had different plans.

Reigns vs. Uso - A Tale of Betrayal and Triumph
Reigns vs. Uso – A Tale of Betrayal and Triumph

SummerSlam Showdown: Reigns vs. Uso

In a captivating climax in Detroit, Roman Reigns successfully defended his WWE Universal Championship and retained his position as the Tribal Chief. Saturday night’s event witnessed an enthralling showdown between “Main Event” Jey and Reigns in a contest dubbed “Tribal Combat.” While the battle was intense and captivating in every sense, it concluded without a new champion emerging.

SummerSlam Showdown indeed saw the emergence of new champions, with a particular championship changing hands twice within a span of a couple of minutes. ESPN’s Michael Coppinger and Eddie Maisonet provided a comprehensive breakdown of all the action at SummerSlam Showdown.

Roman Reigns’ historic championship reign approached a remarkable 1,110 days as he maintained his undisputed WWE Universal Championship by triumphing over Jey Uso in the main event of SummerSlam Showdown in Detroit.

In a twist that caught everyone by surprise, it was Jey’s identical twin, Jimmy Uso, who made a shocking return, costing his long-time tag team partner a potential upset victory. Jey managed to fend off Solo Sikoa after propelling him through a table on the outside with a spectacular splash from the barricade.

Once inside the ring, Jey executed Reigns’ signature move, the Spear, followed by an Uso Splash. As he went for the cover, aiming to replicate the 1-2 punch that secured victory at Money in the Bank alongside his brother, Jimmy intervened by pulling Jey out of the ring, breaking up the pin attempt.

Jey was left in disbelief, and Jimmy capitalized by delivering a Superkick, sending Jey right back to Reigns. Reigns then sealed the deal with a Spear, securing the 1-2-3 victory and retaining both his championship and the title of “Tribal Chief.”

Reigns vs. Uso - A Tale of Betrayal and Triumph
Reigns vs. Uso – A Tale of Betrayal and Triumph

Under the “Tribal Combat” rules, which permitted no count-outs and no disqualifications, the family members-turned-rivals made full use of chairs, kendo sticks, and tables to intensify the battle.

Jey Uso showcased his prowess by executing a plancha with a kendo stick in hand and a successful suicide dive. Yet, a subsequent attempt was met with a forceful fist from Reigns.

While Jey held control on the outside, Solo Sikoa intervened, employing a Spinning Solo that sent Jey crashing through a table. Sikoa, The Bloodline’s enforcer, engaged in a heated exchange with Reigns before Jey executed a spear on the Tribal Chief, shattering the barricade.

Back in the ring, an attempt at a tag team Samoan Spike-Spear combo between Sikoa and Reigns ended with Sikoa being speared by Reigns himself. Jey Uso capitalized on the opportunity and appeared poised to end Reigns’ championship streak and his hold over The Bloodline. However, this moment was disrupted by Jimmy Uso’s unexpected betrayal.

The dynamics between Reigns and Sikoa remained uncertain, potentially foreshadowing a future showdown following Jey Uso’s removal from the equation. The path forward for the Usos seems clear, pointing toward a singles match at Payback and marking the divergence of one of WWE’s most accomplished tag teams.

The potential return of Sami Zayn to this storyline remains a possibility, especially now that Jey has had a change of heart. In the meantime, Reigns embarks on a quest to identify a new contender to challenge his remarkable championship reign.


1. What happened in the main event at SummerSlam between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso?
The main event of SummerSlam Showdown featured a gripping “Tribal Combat” match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Reigns successfully retained his WWE Universal Championship, with Jey’s twin brother Jimmy Uso making a surprising return that led to Jey’s defeat.

2. How long has Roman Reigns been the WWE Universal Champion?
Roman Reigns’ reign as the WWE Universal Champion has been historic, approaching an impressive 1,110 days. His victory at SummerSlam Showdown maintained his championship streak and his status as the “Tribal Chief.”

3. What role did Solo Sikoa play in the SummerSlam match?
Solo Sikoa, the enforcer of The Bloodline, played a significant role in the match. He engaged in intense battles with Jey Uso and even participated in a tag team move alongside Reigns. However, his interactions with Reigns remained uncertain, possibly setting the stage for future confrontations.

4. Why did Jimmy Uso betray his twin brother Jey during the match?
In a shocking turn of events, Jimmy Uso returned and betrayed his twin brother Jey during the match. This betrayal prevented Jey from securing a pinfall victory over Reigns. The reasons behind Jimmy’s actions and the potential implications for The Bloodline’s dynamics are subjects of intrigue.

5. What’s next for Roman Reigns and the Usos after SummerSlam?
Following SummerSlam, Roman Reigns continues his search for a new challenger as he extends his championship reign. Meanwhile, the path for the Usos diverges, potentially leading to a singles match at Payback and marking the end of their successful tag team partnership. The return of Sami Zayn and the uncertain relationship between Reigns and Sikoa also add complexity to the storyline’s future.

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