‘Southern Charm’ Is There A New Episode On Tonight?

‘Southern Charm' Is There A New Episode On Tonight

Is there a fresh episode of Southern Charm airing tonight? This season has been filled with drama, particularly involving a new love quadrangle. Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose parted ways due to infidelity, leading Taylor to find comfort in Austen Kroll. However, revelations surfaced about their interactions, causing turmoil. Olivia Flowers, previously involved with Austen, remains close to him and is convinced of a more intimate connection. Taylor, on the other hand, continues to kiss Shep despite their turbulent relationship.

Rod attempted to pursue something with Olivia, but it didn’t materialize, prompting her to explore other options. JT stirs up trouble, and tragedy strikes when Olivia’s brother passes away. Despite Taylor’s efforts to mend their friendship, it remains strained. Craig desires a more serious commitment with Paige, who is hesitant to move beyond their current relationship. In the latest episode, Patricia Altschul’s attempt to organize a traditional royal dinner goes awry when she falls ill, leaving Whitney in charge.

As the crew prepares for a trip to Jamaica, Craig attempts to coax Shep into expressing his resentment towards Austen for kissing Taylor. However, Bravo is taking a break for the holiday, and instead of Southern Charm, a John Wick marathon will be aired tonight.

For those not interested in John Wick, there’s an alternative. Fans can catch up on all seasons of Southern Charm, including BravoCon panels, on Peacock. Season 9, which resumes on Thursday, November 30th, is available for viewers to prepare for the show’s return after just one week without an episode. Share your thoughts on the absence of a new episode this week and continue watching Southern Charm on Thursdays on Bravo.

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