Norma Hunt, Wife of Chairman Lamar Hunt and Mother of CEO Clark Hunt Has Died Aged 85

Norma Chase’s last game against the Kansas City Bosses saw the establishment lift the Vince Lombardi Prize. Four months after the Bosses won Super Bowl LVII, Chase kicked the bucket Sunday at 85 years old, the group reported

Hunt, wife of former quarterback Lamar Hunt, has appeared in 57 Super Bowls. She is the mother of current Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, who assumed the role in 2010. The Chiefs have won seven AFC West titles and two Super Bowl titles since Clark Hunt took over, and his mother, Norma, is mourning the death of his father.

“Our family is significantly dampened by the demise of our mother, Norma. She was a wonderful mother and an amazing woman who will be dearly missed by all who knew her. Kind, liberal, and unfailingly sure, Mother was unique. Her happiness and joie de vivre were infectious. He loved to take care of others and always had a word of encouragement. She was a loyal friend, a consummate host, and she had the rare ability to make everyone she met feel comfortable and valued.

“Mother has forever been committed to her family and very enthusiastic about her family’s games groups. She has been by our father Lamar’s side every step of the way – from the merger of the AFL and NFL to the creation of Major League Soccer, Big showdown Tennis, the North American Soccer Association and its establishing ventures to the Chicago Bulls. He is the only one to match his love of sports. The two have found delight together, whether at home or in arenas all over the planet.

“This February, he went to the 57th and last Super Bowl and saw the most loved skipper lift the Lombardi Prize for the third time.

“His quiet yet profound confidence supported him all through his life, and we breathe easy in light of realizing that he is at home with the Master. Our family, the captain, the FC Dallas family, and know him. He will be enormously missed by all

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also released a statement regarding Norma Hunt’s death.

“The entire NFL family is deeply saddened by the passing of Norma Hunt, who has been a vital part of the NFL for the past seven decades,” it said. “I was lucky to know Norma for almost 40 years and was constantly moved by her glow and thoughtfulness, her friendship with Lamar, and her pride in her loved ones. Norma’s feeling of family stretches out to the Bosses association, which she enormously respects

“Norma is one of the President’s and the NFL’s most ardent followers. She gets it and values all parts of the game. She loves being around the team and sending players making “life as real superheroes “. Norma joined her. Every Super Bowl I’ve played, including the last two presidential wins, has only been done by a woman.

“Norma’s job in football was as of late highlighted in a superb narrative called ‘The Existence of a Sunday.’ Norma’s place in NFL history will be for all time recollected by the Bosses associationand of the entire league. and to the many people who have touched his wonderful life.”

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