A Climate Crisis Is Not The Time For London Fashion Week

In 2019, Extinction Rebellion initiated protests during London Fashion Week, asserting that the biannual event should cease to exist. Clare Farrell, a prominent figure in Extinction Rebellion and a fashion expert, maintains this stance, advocating for a comprehensive dialogue within the fashion industry concerning its role in the climate crisis.

London Fashion Week

A climate crisis is not the time for London Fashion Week, according to an XR fashion expert

Farrell envisions replacing the current fashion landscape with an industry-wide conversation. She emphasizes the vital issue of fashion’s significant reliance on oil, highlighting that the fashion and textile industry stands as one of the most polluting sectors globally, closely trailing the oil industry. She urges for an understanding of the fashion industry’s carbon footprint and emphasizes its intricate ties to the oil sector.

Transport, plastic packaging, and clothing production within the fashion industry are cited as significant areas reliant on oil. Farrell stresses that in a future where the fossil fuel industry is dismantled, the current fashion model would be unsustainable. She suggests it’s imperative for fashion companies to question their existence in this context.

Farrell elucidates the stark contrast within the fashion industry, ranging from fast fashion that perpetuates a throwaway culture to high-end designer labels showcased at events like London Fashion Week. Luxury brands, despite using materials with more integrity, grapple with excessiveness in collection development, often resulting in wasteful practices.

A climate crisis is not the time for London Fashion Week, according to an XR fashion expert

She critiques the lifestyle promoted by the luxury industry, which fuels environmental harm through conspicuous consumption and an extravagant, carbon-intensive lifestyle. Farrell also laments the acceleration of the fashion calendar and the constant addition of collections, contributing to an unsustainable pace and heightened waste.

Extinction Rebellion continues its protests during London Fashion Week, urging for an end to fossil fuel sponsorship of cultural events. Farrell desires a paradigm shift within the industry, geared towards a sustainable and responsible 21st-century approach. She stresses the urgent need for an industry-wide dialogue to reduce product output, minimize waste, and lower emissions. While some brands advocate for sustainability, Farrell argues that a fundamental systemic transformation is necessary.

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