Lana Del Rey Songs List: A Journey Through Her Captivating Melodies

Lana Del Rey born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is an American singer song writer known for her hauntingly beautiful vocals and introspective lyrics With her unique blend of indie pop dream, pop and baroque pop Lana Del Rey has captivated audiences around the world. In this article we will take you on a journey through her mesmerizing discography and explore the best Lana Del Rey songs that have captured the hearts of millions

Lana Del Rey Songs List


Lana Del Rey’s discography is a treasure trove of evocative melodies and poetic storytelling Here is a comprehensive list of some of her most beloved songs:

Video Games

Born to Die

Summertime Sadness

Young and Beautiful

Blue Jeans

National Anthem

West Coast


Brooklyn Baby

High by the Beach


Lust for Life

Mariners Apartment Complex

Venice Bitch

Norman fucking Rockwell

Doin Time

Cinnamon Girl

Fuck It I Love You

The Greatest

White Dress

Chemtrails over the Country Club


Tulsa Jesus Freak

Wild at Heart

Dark But Just a Game

These are just a few highlights from Lana Del Rey’s expansive repertoire each song encapsulating a different facet of her artistry and emotional depth

Lana Del Rey Songs List: A Journey Through Her Captivating Melodies

The Evolution of Lana Del Rey’s Music

Lana Del Rey’s music has evolved over the years showcasing her growth as an artist and a story teller Let’s dive deeper into the different phases of her musical journey.

The Born to Die Era

During the Born to Die era Lana Del Rey burst onto the music scene with her debut studio album of the same name. The album featured hits like the melancholic Video Games and the title track Born to Die Lana’s ethereal vocals combined with the nostalgic production created a unique sonic landscape that resonated with listeners worldwide.

A Darker Shade of Lana

Lana Del Reys second studio album Ultraviolence takes a darker and more contemplative tone Songs like West Coast and Shades of Cool demonstrated her music increased maturity and intricacy Lana’s image as a visionary artist was cemented by the album honest and sensitive lyrics which explored themes of love sorrow and self discovery

Honeymoo A Dreamy Getaway

Honeymoon Lana Del Reys third studio album took listeners to a dreamy and nostalgic world With lush music and Lanas distinctive sensuous voice songs like High by the Beach and Music to Watch Boys To radiated an ethereal beauty Honeymoon heralded the artist’s transition to a more polished and sophisticated sound

Life Lust and Beyond

Lust for Life marked a new chapter in Lana Del Rey’s discography with a renewed sense of hope and optimism Collaborations with artists like The Weeknd and Stevie Nicks brought a fresh dynamic to her music Lanas introspective lyrics explored themes of love, politics and personal growth resonating with listeners on a deeper level

Lana Del Rey Songs List: A Journey Through Her Captivating Melodies

FAQ about Lana Del Rey’s Songs

1. What is Lana Del Rey’s most popular song?

Lana Del Rey’s most popular song is Video Games. Released in 2011 this hauntingly beautiful ballad captured the attention of music lovers worldwide and became a viral sensation.

2. Which Lana Del Rey song has the most streams?

The Lana Del Rey song with the most streams is Summertime Sadness. Known for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics the song has amassed billions of streams across various platforms.

3. What is the meaning behind Lana Del Rey’s song Young and Beautiful?

Young and Beautiful is a moving track from Lana Del Rey’s The Great Gatsby soundtrack album. The song explores themes of love and self-worth while reflecting on the transient nature of youth and beauty.

4. Has Lana Del Rey won any awards for her music?

Yes Lana Del Rey has won multiple awards for her songs She has received many Grammy nominations and other significant prizes including the BRIT Award for International Female Solo Artist

5. What is the inspiration behind Lana Del Rey’s song writing?

Lana Del Reys song writing is often inspired by her personal experiences as well as her fascination with Americana vintage Hollywood glamour and the complexities of love and relationships Her lyrics delve into themes of nostalgia longing and self reflection

6. What are some lesser known Lana Del Rey songs worth exploring?

While Lana Del Reys popular hits dominate the airwaves there are several hidden gems in her discography that deserve recognition Songs like Cinnamon Girl Tulsa Jesus Freak and Arcadia showcase Lanas versatility and experimental spirit

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Lana Del Reys songs have an undeniable allure that captivates listeners with their poetic lyrics atmospheric production and haunting melodies From her early breakthrough hits to her latest ventures Lana Del Rey continues to enchant us with her evocative story telling So immerse your self in the enchanting world of Lana Del Reys music and let her transport you to a realm of beauty nostalgia and introspection.

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