Katy Perry’s KP6 Era: Unveiling a New Musical Journey 2023

Katy Perry isn’t holding back with her upcoming album. During her PLAY Las Vegas Residency on Wednesday, the 38-year-old pop icon dropped hints about her highly anticipated “KP6 era” in a playful manner on stage.

Katy Perry's KP6 Era: Unveiling a New Musical Journey
Katy Perry’s KP6 Era: Unveiling a New Musical Journey

Katy Perry’s KP6 Era

Addressing the audience in footage captured by fans, Perry exclaimed, “If you couldn’t love me during my Witness and Smile eras, then you won’t be able to love me during my KP6 era.” Dressed in a vibrant yellow outfit with stylish cut-outs, she was accompanied by dancers sporting showgirl ensembles. Perry punctuated her statement with a sassy hip swivel, confirming the imminent release of her new era.

KP6 marks her first album following the 2020 release of Smile. During her performance, Perry referred to both Smile and her 2017 album Witness. While Witness reached the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart and Smile claimed the fifth position, neither album matched the commercial success of her earlier works, such as 2010’s chart-topping Teenage Dream.

Witness featured hit singles like “Bon appétit,” “Chained to the Rhythm,” and “Swish Swish,” while Smile boasted tracks like “Daisies” and “Not the End of the World.” Perry opened up about her creative process, sharing, “I find myself writing a lot from a place of love, because I’m experiencing such a deep sense of it—unconditional love, the kind you never knew existed.”

Katy Perry's KP6 Era: Unveiling a New Musical Journey
Katy Perry’s KP6 Era: Unveiling a New Musical Journey

Since the arrival of her daughter Daisy, born in 2020 to Perry and Orlando Bloom, the “Roar” singer-songwriter has not released a full album. Reflecting on this period, Perry expressed her excitement about both her musical journey and motherhood. She revealed, “I’ve been consistently writing, though my priority is to embrace the life I’ve built, especially for my three-year-old.”

Perry emphasized that her daughter Daisy holds a special place in her creative process. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in June, Perry disclosed, “Daisy always gets the first listen. Whatever music I’m working on, I play it for her to gauge her reaction.” She added, “I’m eagerly anticipating the next phase of my music, and I believe it’s stemming from a place of profound love.”

Having commenced her PLAY residency in December 2021, Perry is set to conclude the series with over 50 performances this autumn. As fans eagerly await the new KP6 era, Perry’s blend of artistry and motherhood promises an exciting chapter in her remarkable career

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