Julianne Hough’s Return: Season 32 Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Gets A Fresh Twist

In a striking twist, Season 32 of the renowned show “Dancing With the Stars” is poised for a transformation. Exiting the realm of exclusive Disney+ streaming after a solitary season, the show is making a triumphant return to its ABC roots. Accompanying this shift, Julianne Hough, a former pro dancer and judge, is set to step into the co-host role alongside Alfonso Ribeiro.

Julianne Hough's Return: Season 32 Of 'Dancing With The Stars' Gets A Fresh Twist

Julianne Hough’s Return Dancing With the Stars

The portal to joining or returning to the show has eternally remained open for Hough, as “Dancing with the Stars” is akin to a cherished family to her. A profound connection to the show has always resided within her, where authenticity and comfort converge. It’s a realm where closure is unheard of, and the prospect of returning has been a perennial topic of conversation. This novel endeavor of hosting marks a consummate full-circle moment, completing her journey from dancer to judge and now to host.

Reflecting on her journey, she expresses, “My vantage point is exceptional, enabling me to empathize, foster, and nurture the competing celebrities and couples. I’ve walked in their shoes and wielded the gavel as a judge. I understand the nuances sought after and how to envelop them in a cocoon of ease.”

Timing played its part, aligning her return with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The period afforded unparalleled perspective, revealing life’s priorities and where to channel energy. Her illustrious career has witnessed myriad pursuits, yet a profound revelation dawned—fulfillment surfaces in the embrace of family, and the show itself embodies this familial bond.

Julianne Hough's Return: Season 32 of 'Dancing With the Stars' Gets a Fresh Twist
Julianne Hough’s Return: Season 32 of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Gets a Fresh Twist

Hough’s initial entrance into “DWTS” occurred in 2007 as a professional dancer. Her subsequent back-to-back victories preceded her 2009 departure. A resurgence manifested in 2014 as a judge, a role she relinquished in 2017. During this interval, she adjudicated Season 19, which coincided with Ribeiro’s triumph.

In the impending Season 32, Ribeiro is poised to orchestrate the ballroom proceedings, while Hough will command the skybox, engaging with teams post-performance.

Hough passionately attests, “His unwavering ardor for the show is truly genuine. Friendships born here endure a lifetime. This season, our camaraderie is palpable—we’ve nurtured these bonds for over a decade. It’s akin to the enduring ‘Friends’ ensemble, a kinship that will persist.”

Ribeiro perceives Hough as the embodiment of perfection for her role, eagerly anticipating their collaborative venture. “She’s acquainted with the journey’s trials. Last season, as I occupied the skybox, it was fitting considering my past as a contestant. Julianne, as a seasoned professional, delves into the technical intricacies and the heart of the journey from a distinct vantage point. Anticipation surges for this thrilling escapade.”

Julianne Hough's Return: Season 32 Of 'Dancing With The Stars' Gets A Fresh Twist

Derek Hough, who transitioned from a pro dancer in 17 seasons to a full-time judge in Season 29, envisions an all-winners edition of the show. Despite Ribeiro’s victory in Season 19, his role will remain hosting-focused. He quips, “Ah, not at all! I had championed the notion of an all-winners edition prior to my hosting invitation. Now that I’m at the helm, I’m resolute in retaining this position.” He emphasizes that the show’s charm lies in the evolving journey shared with 13 individuals, an odyssey of emotions, desires, and revelations. While an all-stars or all-winners season may entertain, it shouldn’t supplant the quintessential version. He suggests a parallel venture—”Dancing With the Stars: Winners Edition,” a supplementary springtime spectacle.

Despite the evolutions behind the scenes, the show’s essence has remained constant for Hough. A homecoming sentiment pervades, poised to resonate profoundly with viewers. She eloquently muses, “Nostalgia envelops us, evoking the spirit of bygone ‘Dancing with the Stars’ seasons. We possess the wisdom of experience, coalescing with the cozy familiarity of yesteryears.”

The forthcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” will grace ABC and Disney+ in the fall, with subsequent streaming on Hulu the ensuing day.

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