Jenni Rivera’s Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album ‘Misión Cumplida’: ‘We Feel Proud to Complete This For Her’

Jenni Rivera’s Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album ‘Misión Cumplida’

Jenni Rivera's Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album 'Misión Cumplida'

Capturing the Legacy of a Mexican-American Icon

Jenni Rivera’s highly anticipated album, “Misión Cumplida,” has finally arrived. The five children of this revered Mexican-American artist recently shared their insights with Billboard during last year’s Latin Music Week in Miami. Chiquis, Jacqie, Mike, Jenicka, and Johnny Rivera opened up about the creation of the album, emphasizing its role in preserving their mother’s true legacy. Released on June 30, this posthumous masterpiece embraces the essence of banda music, reflecting the artist’s preferences. The 16-track collection, which includes previously unreleased songs, was expertly produced by Pavel Ocampo and Sergio Lizárraga of Banda MS.

Honoring Jenni Rivera’s Meticulous Musical Vision

Reflecting on the album’s creation, Johnny, the youngest of the Rivera siblings, explained, “My mom was very particular about her music and the arrangements.” He took an active role in the production process after discovering unreleased songs on a hard drive. “My mom had a deep love for la banda sinaloense, and Sergio is a master in that genre. Their collaboration was a perfect fit. Above all, we wanted to maintain consistency in the sound of her music and ensure that Jenni’s songs sound as they did before she left us.”

Following Jacqie Rivera’s assumption of the role of head of the Jenni Rivera estate in January 2022, the Rivera children embarked on the mission of bringing the album to life. After uncovering original recordings of unreleased music, they collectively decided to share these hidden gems with the world.

Jenni Rivera's Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album 'Misión Cumplida': 'We Feel Proud to Complete This For Her'

A Journey of Healing and Personal Growth

For the Rivera children, the process of creating this album has been both cathartic and empowering. Jacqie expressed her sentiments, saying, “It has been a healing experience for us. Working together as siblings to represent our mother’s legacy… I believe she would be proud, and in turn, we are immensely proud to fulfill this mission for her. Watching Johnny grow into his creative role, selecting the album’s name, order, and arrangements, has been truly beautiful.”

Remembering a Musical Trailblazer

Jenni Rivera, who tragically passed away at the height of her career in 2012 at the age of 43, remains the most successful woman in regional Mexican music. Her achievements on the Billboard charts are unparalleled, with an impressive total of 19 entries on the Top Latin Albums chart, 12 of which reached the top 10, and seven that claimed the top spot. She also secured 12 entries on the Billboard 200, with 14 top 10 hits on the Regional Mexican Airplay tally.

Considering her extraordinary career, joining this project was no easy decision for producer Pavel Ocampo. Speaking to Billboard, he acknowledged, “Sergio and I were fully aware of the responsibility that comes with creating an album for someone as significant to Mexican music as Jenni. The challenge was to ensure that Jenni’s essence shone through, even with the raw materials we were given, including a cappella recordings and background noises. We had to meticulously refine the tracks to capture her unique style and essence. I am incredibly satisfied with the final results, and I believe Jenni’s children share this sentiment. They poured their hearts into this project, ensuring their mother’s legacy is being well-preserved.”

Jenni Rivera's Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album 'Misión Cumplida': 'We Feel Proud to Complete This For Her'

A Heart-Wrenching Interlude

Among the album’s tracks, “Pedacito de Mí” stands out as a poignant interlude. In this emotional piece, listeners can hear Jenni’s impassioned vocals accompanied by a guitar. It is a heartfelt message she wrote for her children. With lyrics such as, “Mami, I see you struggle, I see you cry alone. Pedacito de mí, I love you so much and I’ll love you till the very end… You’re my blood, I’m your mother, I’m here,” the song serves as a testament to the profound bond between Jenni and her children.

Johnny, reflecting on the album’s impact, shared, “A few years ago, I used to feel anxious, fearing that everything would eventually fade away because she wasn’t here anymore. Therefore, discovering something new becomes all the more special.”

Timing and Personal Growth

While the album was originally slated for release earlier, Jenicka, one of the younger Rivera siblings, believes that “Misión Cumplida” arrives at the perfect time. She remarked, “Although it may seem delayed, we have been healing individually. It was meant to be released two years ago, then a year ago. Now that we are taking charge, the album is here. This is us; this is our offering.”

Jenni Rivera’s children have poured their hearts and souls into “Misión Cumplida,” honoring their mother’s musical legacy with a meticulously crafted album. With their unwavering dedication and deep respect for Jenni’s artistry, they have succeeded in producing a body of work that will continue to captivate and move listeners for generations to come.

Jenni Rivera's Children Release Banda-Powered Posthumous Album 'Misión Cumplida': 'We Feel Proud to Complete This For Her'


Q: Who are Jenni Rivera’s children?

A: Jenni Rivera had five children. Their names are Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera, Jacqueline Marín Rivera, Michael Marín Rivera, Jenicka López Rivera, and Johnny López Rivera.

Q: What is the name of the posthumous album released by Jenni Rivera’s children?

A: The posthumous album released by Jenni Rivera’s children is called “Misión Cumplida,” which translates to “Mission Accomplished” in English.

Q: Is the album a Banda-powered album?

A: Yes, the album “Misión Cumplida” is a Banda-powered album. Banda is a popular genre of Mexican regional music characterized by its brass and percussion instruments.

Q: When was the album “Misión Cumplida” released?

A: I’m sorry, but as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there was no information available about an album titled “Misión Cumplida” being released by Jenni Rivera’s children. It’s possible that this release occurred after my knowledge cutoff, so I recommend checking the latest news or official sources for the most up-to-date information.

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