Harry Jowsey denies mid-dance kiss with DWTS partner Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey denies mid-dance kiss with DWTS partner Rylee Arnold

In a poignant moment, Harry Jowsey and partner Rylee Arnold bid farewell on the latest episode of Dancing With the Stars, aptly themed “A Celebration of Taylor Swift.” Despite weeks of teetering on the brink of elimination, relying solely on fan votes, the Too Hot to Handle alum and his dance partner finally exited the competition.

Their departure, however, wasn’t devoid of attention, as the duo stirred up buzz with their undeniable chemistry during a captivating performance of a sensual rumba to Swift’s “August.” The judges lauded their routine, with Bruno Tonioli even speculating about a potential on-stage kiss when their heads came unusually close. Jowsey, in response, cheekily confirmed, “Yeah, a little bit.”

Post-show, Jowsey clarified to EW that despite the speculation, no actual kiss transpired during the dance. “Oh no, we didn’t kiss during the dance,” he asserted, adding humorously, “I’m sick.” Arnold chimed in with a playful warning, “Stay away.”

Despite achieving their highest scores of the season and earning praise for their improvement, the couple faced elimination. Reflecting on the experience, Jowsey expressed gratitude for the support from fans, acknowledging the unique journey. “The fact that people trusted me with their votes has been really special,” he shared. “Obviously, the scores haven’t been the best, but the fact that we have this army of people voting for us, whether they’re doing it as a meme or genuinely supporting us, has been incredible.”

Jowsey also shed light on the demanding reality of competing on DWTS, emphasizing the unexpected challenges behind the glitz and glamour. “People wouldn’t expect how much f—ing work it is,” he revealed. “Every day, four hours a day, and then interviews and press, it’s a lot. But it made me learn a lot more about myself and how hard I can actually push myself before I end up getting angry and throwing a tantrum.”

As for his post-show plans, Jowsey’s simple yet heartfelt reward is to “go home and hug my dog and maybe eat Chick-Fil-A.” The Dancing With the Stars saga continues on ABC and Disney+, offering viewers more captivating performances and emotional farewells.

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