Extraction 2: “The Dichotomy of Chris Hemsworth Silly and Serious Roles in Hollywood”

Extraction 2: Recently, in a GQ profile Chris Hemsworth the acclaimed Australian actor addressed the mixed response to Thor: Love And Thunder. He acknowledged that they had a bit too much fun making the film and it ended up being too silly. Hemsworth mentioned that his kid’s friends didn’t particularly enjoy it highlighting the existence of two versions of himself: a playful one and a serious one.

The Dichotomy of Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2


Interestingly Hemsworth’s next project, Extraction 2 released after this interview. Extraction 2 serves as a sequel to one of his more serious movies. Although Hemsworth filmed Extraction 2 prior to his comments about Love And Thunder it exemplifies the stark contrast between the silly and non-silly aspects of his career. A recent teaser for Extraction 2, featuring Idris Elba’s character sporting a distinctive scarf, solidifies this divergence, distinguishing it from Hemsworth’s comedic portrayal of Thor alongside Russell Crowe’s Zeus.

Elba’s character expresses the excitement of tracking down a skilled individual like Tyler Rake and humorously acknowledges the action-hero name’s catchy nature. While the first Extraction had a somber tone delving into Rake’s personal struggles, the teaser suggests that Extraction 2 may not be an overly serious film. However Hemsworth’s character refrains from making jokes except for a slight gesture aimed at comforting a child. This moment feels more calculated devoid of amusement as Rake plots his next moves to eliminate adversaries.

Although Tyler Rake’s return may not be a direct response to Thor’s increasing silliness it reflects Hemsworth’s inclination to oscillate between different types of roles. Following his rise to stardom in The Avengers, he pursued a series of non-silly projects, such as Snow White And The Huntsman, Red Dawn, Rush, Thor: The Dark World (one of his more serious MCU appearances), and Blackhat.

Extraction 2

The turning point arrived with the Vacation reboot, which unveiled Hemsworth’s silly side, leading to a distinct pattern of silly and non-silly films for the esteemed Australian actor. This pattern encompassed movies like In The Heart Of The Sea, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Ghostbusters (considerably silly), and Thor: Ragnarok (playfully silly). He dabbled in proto-Extraction territory with 12 Strong, followed by non-silly roles in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, he then embraced his sillier side in Bad Times At The El Royale, Avengers: Endgame, and Men In Black: International. During this time, he also made a cameo appearance in Jay And Silent Bob Reboot, concluding a few years dominated by his comedic performances. To counterbalance this, he resurrected his serious persona for Extraction and Spiderhead, his last two movies before Love And Thunder and Extraction 2.

What’s intriguing is that neither of these Hemsworths holds a clear advantage over the other. While Thor: Ragnarok was enjoyable, Love And Thunder went too far in its silliness. Extraction became one of Netflix’s most successful movies, but Spiderhead, Blackhat, and 12 Strong didn’t receive as much attention. Unlike John Cena, who is mostly appreciated for his comedic roles, or Jason Statham, who is preferred in serious roles despite being part of humorous scenarios, the general public doesn’t exhibit a consensus regarding Hemsworth’s preference for silliness or seriousness. Similarly, Hemsworth himself doesn’t have a definitive inclination.

Extraction 2: "The Dichotomy of Chris Hemsworth Silly and Serious Roles in Hollywood"

Fortunately, he continues to navigate between these contrasting tones, ensuring they never overlap. Since his portrayal of Thor, Hemsworth has starred in over 20 movies, and audiences still enjoy seeing this muscular, blond Australian actor in either comedic or action-oriented roles.

He excels in both realms but seems to thrive when these two sides are kept separate and not excessively repeated. Extraction 2 serves as a prime example of Hemsworth’s transition from a serious to a silly movie

Extraction 2 will premiere on Netflix Ott on June 16th.

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