“Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix Over SAG Strike and Residual Payments” 2023

Ellen Pompeo, the well-known star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” has always been candid with her words. Now, she’s making her voice heard on the ongoing SAG strike, taking Netflix to task for their actions.

"Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix Over SAG Strike and Residual Payments"
“Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix Over SAG Strike and Residual Payments”

Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix

In a recent post on her Instagram story, the 53-year-old actress expressed her disapproval of Netflix’s promotional TikTok featuring her character, Meredith Grey. The TikTok showcased scenes from early seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” while advertising the show’s availability for streaming on Netflix. However, Pompeo wasn’t pleased with how Netflix used her character for promotion.

The TikTok starts with a clip of Meredith Grey standing with her arms crossed, and as the text changes from “Me when there’s a in the chest cavity” to “Me when there’s an icicle wound,” the scene cuts to Pompeo crying in character, with the text reading: “Me when Meredith says ‘Pick me, choose me, love me.'”

Accompanying the screengrab of the TikTok, Pompeo added a caption criticizing Netflix for not paying actors residuals. Residuals are additional payments made to actors when their work is reused or rerun on streaming platforms or other mediums. Many actors have been voicing their concerns over the meager amounts they receive as residuals from Netflix, and the issue has gained traction after the SAG-AFTRA union’s decision to go on strike.

"Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix Over SAG Strike and Residual Payments"
“Ellen Pompeo Slams Netflix Over SAG Strike and Residual Payments”

Kimiko Glenn, who starred in Netflix’s early hit “Orange Is the New Black,” also used TikTok to share the shockingly low amount she received as residuals from the streaming giant—just $27.30. This revelation has brought further attention to the pressing issue.

SAG’s strike comes after the expiration of their contract, and failed negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the entity representing studios and streaming services. The union is demanding better compensation and improved working conditions for actors.

Interestingly, both SAG and the Writers Guild of America are raising concerns about the impact of streaming services like Netflix on the entertainment industry. The rise of artificial intelligence is also a significant concern, as it has the potential to reshape the entertainment landscape.

Overall, the situation surrounding the SAG strike and Netflix’s handling of residuals has sparked conversations about fairness and compensation for actors. As the industry continues to evolve with the advent of new technologies like AI, it’s essential to address these issues and ensure a sustainable and equitable future for all involved.

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