Berlin release date and everything we know about the Money Heist

Berlin release date

The Money Heist universe is expanding further with the addition of a new series titled “Berlin.” This latest installment, following the original Netflix show and the Money Heist: Korea spinoff, delves into the backstory of the iconic character Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso.

Helmed by Money Heist creator Álex Pina, the Berlin series will unravel the early life of the master thief, exploring his first love and his career as a criminal during his time in Paris.

Joining Pedro Alonso in this captivating narrative, the series promises to provide insights into Berlin’s character, shedding light on the experiences that shaped him into the enigmatic figure fans have come to know.

For eager Netflix subscribers anticipating this thrilling addition to the Money Heist saga, details regarding the release date are yet to be disclosed. Stay tuned for updates as the series promises to unveil a new dimension to the beloved character’s intriguing history.

Berlin release date

Berlin, the newest Money Heist spinoff, launches on Netflix on Friday, December 29, so spend the last days of 2023 binge-watching it. Streaming of the full season will be accessible right away.

Berlin cast

Pedro Alonso reprises his role as Berlin in the upcoming series, having been a constant presence throughout all seasons of the original Money Heist. Despite his character’s demise in Part 2, Alonso continued to make appearances through flashbacks, adding depth to the storyline. Beyond Money Heist, the accomplished Spanish actor has showcased his talent in other Spanish-language productions such as The Ministry of Time and Padre Casares.

Joining Alonso in the Berlin cast are notable actors, each contributing to the team of thieves. Michelle Jenner, known for her role in Bird Box: Barcelona, takes on the character Keila. Tristán Ulloa, recognized from Warrior Nun, assumes the role of Damián, while Begoña Vargas from A Different View portrays Cameron. Julio Peña Fernández, seen in Through My Window, embodies Roi, and Joel Sanchez makes his acting debut in the series.

The plot thickens as the series introduces Julien Paschal as Polignac, the target of the team. Adding a touch of familiarity, Money Heist veterans Itziar Ituño, who played Raquel Murillo, and Najwa Nimri, known for her portrayal of Alicia Sierra, are also listed as part of the cast, promising a reunion of familiar faces in this exciting new chapter.

Berlin plot

In the prequel series, Berlin takes center stage, recounting the tale of a heist he orchestrated in Paris before joining forces with the Money Heist crew. Armed with the belief that only two things can salvage a bad day—love and a million-dollar payday—Berlin devises a plan to secure the latter. His ambitious scheme involves robbing a staggering $44 million worth of jewels from a prestigious Paris auction house in a single night.

However, the intricate plot takes an unexpected turn as love becomes a pivotal player in Berlin’s narrative. Caught in the crossroads of his audacious heist, Berlin finds himself developing feelings for the ex-wife of Polignac, introducing a complex layer of emotion to the high-stakes world of theft and intrigue.

Berlin trailer

Check out this entertaining Berlin trailer to get excited about returning to the world of Money Heist:

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