‘American Horror Story: Delicate’s’ Return Is Rapidly

The highly anticipated return of “American Horror Story” is just around the corner. The popular horror anthology series is back this week with its 12th installment titled “American Horror Story: Delicate,” created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck.

'American Horror Story Delicate's' return is rapidly approaching How to watch Season 12 and its cast

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this season draws inspiration from the upcoming novel “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine, which delves into the harrowing pregnancy experiences of an indie actress. The season’s tagline describes the story of Anna Victoria Alcott, an actress striving to start a family after facing multiple unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization. As the buzz around her recent film grows, she fears that something malevolent may be targeting her in her pursuit of motherhood.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of “American Horror Story: Delicate”

Season 12 will be divided into two parts, as announced by the network. Part two is scheduled to debut in 2024. The premiere of part one is set for Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX and will be available for streaming on Hulu on Thursday. The first part comprises five episodes, with new episodes releasing weekly over the following four weeks.

In this installment, the trio of Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts will take the spotlight. Roberts will portray the character of actress Anna Victoria Alcott. While Kardashian and Delevingne are new additions to the show, Roberts boasts an extensive history,

'American Horror Story Delicate's' return is rapidly approaching How to watch Season 12 and its cast

having appeared in 47 episodes from 2013 to 2023, portraying various characters across different seasons such as Madison Montgomery in the “Coven” chapter, Maggie Esmerelda and Miss Rothschild in “Freak Show,” Brooke Thompson in “1984,” and Serena Belinda in “Cult.”

FX unveiled the trailer for “American Horror Story: Delicate” on July 20, offering a chilling glimpse into the season. The trailer features Kardashian, Roberts, and Delevingne, with Kardashian sporting icy blonde hair and jet-black gloves. It presents an eerie montage, including a group of blonde lookalikes juxtaposed with images of maternity like an egg-filled nest and a baby’s cradle. Towards the end, Kardashian is seen cradling what appears to be a baby in her arms.

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