49ers’ Dre Greenlaw, Eagles security head ejected after scuffle

49ers' Dre Greenlaw, Eagles security head ejected after scuffle

PHILADELPHIA – A heated incident unfolded around 5½ minutes into the third quarter, resulting in the ejection of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Dom DiSandro, the head of security for the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the setback, the Eagles clearly came out on top, leaving the 49ers and coach Kyle Shanahan visibly frustrated on the sidelines.

The altercation occurred when Greenlaw tackled Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith, prompting a penalty for unnecessary roughness. As both players stood up, a verbal exchange erupted between Eagles staff and players and Greenlaw’s teammates. DiSandro approached Greenlaw, who gestured and appeared to make contact with DiSandro’s face, leading to Greenlaw’s ejection.

Shanahan expressed his displeasure, stating, “I can’t believe someone not involved in a football game can taunt our players like that and put their hands in our guy’s face.” Before Greenlaw’s ejection, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni pleaded his case for an ejection, and there was a visible exchange between the two teams.

According to a pool report, a review from New York revealed that DiSandro contributed to the escalation of the argument. While no retroactive flag could be thrown on DiSandro, he was ejected for his involvement. Greenlaw’s ejection was for contacting a nonplayer.

DiSandro, with the Eagles since 1999 and also a senior adviser to the general manager, received applause from Philadelphia fans upon exiting. Greenlaw, leading the 49ers in tackles at the time, was replaced by Oren Burks, and the Eagles scored shortly after to narrow the Niners’ lead.

Despite the setback, Shanahan commended his team for rallying. Greenlaw, known for his aggressive approach, has a history of unnecessary roughness penalties, but the Niners see him as a tone-setter for the defense.

“Dre has been the enforcer for this defense since we got here in ’19,” said Nick Bosa. “That’s what makes him who he is, so we’re not going to knock him for being that. But in that situation, he knows he can’t do that. And it was a perfect learning lesson at this moment [for] down the road. I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again.”

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